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CPAP Cushion

An effective CPAP mask requires a design that will create a seal to your face without being uncomfortable or painful. The CPAP cushion is designed to tightly seal and evenly distribute air while improving the way it fits and feels while you sleep. The better the fit, the more likely you are to get the full benefits of your CPAP treatment.

CPAP cushion nasal masks are one of the most comfortable products made for sleep disorder-related breathing problems. There are a variety of styles and brands to choose from at Americare Respiratory Services. Select your favorite brand below!

Need help selecting the right mask or need to replace a CPAP cushion? No problem. Call us at (866) 344-2774 and we’ll get you the help you need.

ResMed Nasal Masks

ResMed AirFit P10

ResMed AirFit N10

ResMed Mirage FX

ResMed Mirage Swift FX

ResMed Swift LT

ResMed Swift LT for Her

ResMed Mirage Swift II

ResMed Micro

ResMed Activa LT

ResMed Mirage Vista

ResMed Mirage Soft Gel


Fisher & Paykel Nasal Masks

Fisher & Paykel Pilario

Fisher & Paykel Opus

Fisher & Paykel Zest

Fisher & Paykel Oracle

Fisher & Paykel Acclaim 2

Fisher & Paykel Flexifit Series

Respironics Nasal Masks

Respironics Wisp

Respironics TrueBlue

Respironics EasyLife with Autoseal

Respironics Comfort Gel

Respironics Optilife

Respironics Comfort Fusion

Respironics Profile Lite


Covidian Nasal Masks

Covidian Breeze

Covidian Breeze Dream Seal

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