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PAP Full Face Sleep Apnea Masks

PAP Full Face Masks

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A full face CPAP mask is any mask system that covers both the mouth and the nose to deliver air for the PAP treatment. They are generally used on patients who have higher pressures that can’t be tolerated with a nasal mask, or patients who do not want to wear a chin strap to help keep the mouth from coming open during the night to prevent loss of PAP pressure, or for patients who are primarily mouth breathers. Resmed has the Quattro and Quattro FX full face masks. Respironics has the Comfortgel and Amara. Fisher & Paykel have the Flexifit 431 and 432.

Hybrid masks are an alternative to the standard full face mask and they try to combine a standard full face mask with a nasal pillows type mask that seal inside the nostril. With a cushion over the nose and nasal pillows inside the nostril it allows the mouth to come open during treatment and not lose pressure. Examples of hybrid masks are the Hybrid by Innomed and the Liberty by Resmed. Another alternative type of full face mask is a total face mask. A total face mask is a type of mask that in addition to covering the nose and mouth, also extends further and covers the eyes for patients who have difficulty in finding a full face mask that seals around the nose and mouth without excessive leaking. Respironics currently makes the only two total face masks on the market and they are the Total and Fitlife.

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