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CPAP Full Face Masks - Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel

FlexiFit Full Face CPAP Mask 431

Item # HC431A

This is the perfect full-face CPAP mask for the first time user!


This Flexifit CPAP mask has all the great properties of the Flexifit series, but its main advantage is the three different sizes of interfaces are interchangeable. If you need to use a full-face CPAP mask, but you’re not sure of the correct size, then select the Flexifit 431 and you will figure out the size yourself. The under-the-chin design ensures mouth breathers keep their mouth sealed. This CPAP full-face mask works well with moderate to high pressures.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Full Face Delivery
Interface Performance Feature FlexiFit431
Out-of-Box Solution
FlexiFit Technology Foam Cushion
Auto-contouring Fit Air Cushion
Glider Strap
Premium Frosted Silicone Seal
Effcient Bias Diffuser Material Filter
Maintenance Free
Under-Chin Design
Crown Strap

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