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for CPAP and BiPAP
Sunset Deluxe Full Face Mask


Sunset Deluxe Full Face Mask

Item # Small CM005S
Item # Medium CM005M
Item # Large CM005L

The Full Face CPAP Mask by Sunset Healthcare is a great Full Face Mask the allows a clear line of site while wearing the CPAP Mask. Most Full Face CPAP Masks need to utilize a forehead support and pad in order to maintain the seal, but Sunset Healthcare has found a way to still receive nasal/ oral treatment with eliminated the forehead support. The forehead support can not only cause discomfort at times or prohibit the ability to maximize your seal, it can also cause claustrophobic customers to take the mask off, feeling confined. Eliminating the forehead support/ pad, eliminates any part of the mask from your vision. The Full Face Mask has 3 sizes of soft, replaceable cushions (sm, med, lg), is extremely lightweight and has a swivel/ flexible tube in front of the mask allowing for movement while sleeping.

  • Minimalist design and ultra-lightweight silicone – increase comfort while maintaining optimal seal
  • Quick release clips make it easy to remove without resetting the headgear
  • 360° dual-swivel elbow port allows for free movement while connected to the tubing
  • Conventional forehead pad was removed to create a clear line of sight – great for claustrophobic patients

Flexible and Lightweight

The Full Face CPAP Mask Cushions are extremely flexible allowing for the consumer to properly fit the mask. The cushions are easily exchangeable on the mask frame. The mask with headgear is very lightweight and will at time appear as though you are not wearing a mask at all.

Freedom of Movement

The Full Face CPAP Mask has a 360° dual-swivel elbow and tube allow for movement in any direction while still maintaining your seal. The elbow and tube will connect to your 6ft CPAP Tubing which then connects to your CPAP or Bi-Level machine.

Headgear and Clips

The headgear has 4 connecting points to the Full Face CPAP Mask frame. 2 are near the cheek and the other 2 are near the jaw line. These 4 areas are adjustable and will allow the consumer to fit the mask based on your individual needs and facial structure. The headgear also has a strap which will lay over the crown of the head. This portion of the headgear is what allows for the mask to not have the forehead support. The headgear attaches to the jaw line portion of the mask with clips. The clips allow you to easily put on and remove the mask without changing the headgear settings. Once you have the mask fit perfectly to your needs, simply disconnect the headgear using the clips and leave the headgear alone. The headgear can be washed at the same time as the mask.

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