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The Nation's #1 Choice
for CPAP and BiPAP

Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow Mask

Item # 1105160

Breakthrough Design for Comfort and Performance

Choose between a fabric (Nuance) or gel (Nuance Pro) frame for their Nuance pillows mask. The gel-padded frame with non-slip headgear holds the mask in place and reduces the need for re-adjustment. Great for patients who like a high-performance look. The fabric frame gives a softer experience, for fewer red marks and better sleep.

The gel pillows conform to different size nostrils and reduce nasal irritation. They're not just more comfortable, they also provide a great seal.


  • Innovative Gel Nasal Pillows
  • Three-Size Nasal Pillows Included
  • Nuance Pro - Gel & Silicone Frame
  • Nuance - Soft Cloth Frame
  • Flexible, Lightweight Short Tube
  • Easy-to-Use Minimal Design
  • Micro Exhalation Ports
  • Travel-Friendly Flexibility

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