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for CPAP and BiPAP
ResMed Mirage Soft Gel Mask

ResMed Mirage Soft Gel Mask

Features & Benefits

  • ResMed now has a Gel mask and patients are going to appreciate it as ResMed’s technology continues to add comfort and convenience.
  • ResMed’s newest nasal CPAP mask is going to blow away the competitors with its advancements in technology and comfort!
  • ResMed’s soft and durable gel will increase patient compliance as it decreases air leaks and painful sores from mask use.
  • The same mask frame is used with the Mirage Activa LT and the Mirage SoftGel cushions! They are compatible which leads to an increase in patient variety and comfort.
  • The advanced technology for the new MicroFit dial improves comfort, fit, and prevents leaking from this exceptional mask.
  • Another benefit to this mask is the clips that connect to the lower portion of the nose piece. They are extremely easy to use and don’t break like other manufacturer’s versions.
  • In summary, this is the mask you want to try. ResMed can finally compete with the Respironics Comfort Gel. With its superior headgear, clips, MicroFit dial, and unparalleled DoubleGel softness, this mask will be the new king of CPAP masks!

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