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Respironics is one of the big three manufacturers of CPAP and BiPAP machines and masks. They make many popular masks of all types. For a nasal cushion mask the Comfort Gel Blue is and will always be a classic. With its iconic blue gel cushions that form-fit to make a great seal every time, this mask has been around a while and will continue to be. The Comfort Gel Blue also comes in a full face version. The Easy Life is another great choice with its dual cushion seal that extends to the forehead to prevent anything touching the bridge of the nose, a common problem area for sores from over tightening the headgear straps. A newer offering is the Wisp mask. With a minimal cushion design and a clear line of sight along with packaging all three sizes in with the mask this will surely become a hit.

For a nasal pillow mask, the Optilife has you covered. With a chin strap integrated into the headgear it eliminates the need for an extra strap for keeping air from escaping from the mouth. It also can use cradle cushions if nasal pillows in the nostrils are not preferred.

The Amara is Respironics newest full face mask and comes with either a gel or silicone cushion to increase patient comfort in finding a seal. The Fitlife and Total are good choices if finding a full face mask to seal without leaking has been a problem. They are considered Total face masks since the mask covers the eyes up to the forehead to prevent leaks.

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