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Travel CPAP Machines

by Americare Respiratory Services
Traveling with a CPAP machine is easy when you have options like the Z1 and Transcend.

Clean and Sterilize your CPAP Equipment in One Step

by Americare Respiratory Services
This an all-in-one machine cleans and sterilizes without water or chemicals, and it works for most CPAP machines.

Amara View: A new kind of full face mask from Respironics

by Americare Respiratory Services
The Amara View CPAP mask is designed to fit under the nose, so that it doesn’t block your field of vision while wearing it.

How often should CPAP parts be cleaned or replaced?

by Americare Respiratory Services
If you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, you can extend the life of your CPAP device. Some items require maintenance every 2 weeks, while other parts can last for 3 or 6 months.

How to prevent “rain out” (water in tubing)

by Americare Respiratory Services
Rain out happens when there is too much moisture in the air or when the ambient temperature is much cooler than the heated air inside your machine. We'll tell you how to fix it.