New Sleep Machines from ResMed: AirCurve/AirSense

by Valerie (SU)

ResMed continues to lead the way in innovative solutions for people who suffer from sleep apnea and other breathing-related sleep disorders.  The new AirCurve and AirSense machines offer smart features like Easy-Breathe quite motors, SmartStart, AutoRamp, and more to provides a natural breathing experience while you sleep.

When it comes to PAP machines, there are two options: CPAP and BiPAP. The difference is that a CPAP machine delivers a continuous stream of pressurized air to keep your airway open. A BiPAP machine has two different air pressures that adjust to the way you breathe.  ResMed also makes a VPAP machine, which provides a variable air flow similar a BiPAP machine.


The AirCurve 10 S is a ResMed BiPAP machine with a nasal mask. Features include:

  • Quiet easy-breathe motor
  • Climate control technology
  • Color LCD screen
  • Sleek design


The AirSense is a CPAP machine with a full face mask. Different from other CPAP machines, this one features:

  • SmartStart with sleep onset detection, which delivers a low pressure to help you fall asleep with ease and automatically stops within seconds when the mask is removed
  • AutoRamp which slowly ramps up to reach the prescribed level or air pressure.
  • Quiet Easy-Breathe motor
  • Climate Control Technology (integrated humidifier in the AirCurve)
  • Back-lit, color LCD screen
  • Sleek Design

You can read more about these products from ResMed below.  You’ll find helpful videos for setting up your device and much more.  To speak to a professional about getting a ResMed sleep machine, Americare Respiratory Services is here for you.  Call 866-344-2774.

AirCurve 10 S: