Resmed “For Her” Machine and Masks

by Americare Respiratory Services

Ladies, do you have trouble finding a CPAP mask that fits your face just right?  You may lose air pressure if the seal isn’t snug.  If the comfort level is lacking, you won’t want to wear the mask at all. And what if the sleep machine itself doesn’t regulate air flow well enough to match your natural breathing rhythm? 

Research published in Sleep (Vilapour, A. et al, 2007) and Sleep Medicine Review (Lin, C., et al., 2008) has documented the unique challenges that only women with sleep apnea and other sleep-related breathing disorders experience. Thus, men and women may need differential treatment for sleep disorders.  The solution? Sleep machines and masks designed for her. 

We talked about ResMed’s AirFit and AirSense product lines recently, but did we mention the “for her” models? 

ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset is a sleep machine that can be combined with ResMed’s For Her masks. I tis the first female-oriented product like this on the market.  For Her masks include the full face mask, ResMed AirFit F10, and the nasal pillow mask, AirFit P10. Both masks are quiet, lightweight, easy to use and assemble (and disassemble for cleaning). To learn more about these products and see photos, you can click the links above to visit ResMed’s website. 

Also, visit our information pages on ResMed AirFit Masks and ResMed AirSense Machines.

ResMed’s “For Her” machine and masks are designed for optimal performance and fit for women. Call now to speak with a CPAP specialist at Americare Respiratory Services.