How to prevent “rain out” (water in tubing)

by Americare Respiratory Services

Last week, we talked about using a heating humidifier to prevent dry mouth with CPAP therapy.  One caveat to using a heated humidifier is the risk of condensation inside the tubing, a problem referred to as “rain out.” 

Rain out happens when there is too much moisture in the air or when the ambient temperature is much cooler than the heated air inside your machine.  Too much moisture can create water droplets inside the tubing, which can be problematic when you inhale.  This is the opposite effect of dry mouth.  The trick is to find the balance between the lower temperature in your room and the higher air temp in the CPAP machine

One way to prevent tubing “rain out” is to insulate the tube.  This can be achieved by wrapping a small towel around the tube or putting the hose under your bed covers.  Perhaps the best way to insulate your hose is to purchase a hose cover. It’s like a long sock that fits over the tube.

The most obvious way to prevent rain out is to increase your room temp.  It doesn’t have to be burning hot, but it shouldn’t be refrigerator cold, either.  If you notice condensation inside your CPAP machine tubing, try bumping up your thermostat two or three degrees.  During winter months when temperatures outside are coldest is when this method is most effective.

In extreme cases, you may want to consider buying a heated hose.

If you’re looking for more ideas on preventing rain out, or want to see if Americare Respiratory Services carries the CPAP supplies you need, please call us: (866) 344-2774. We’ll be happy to set you up with a solution that will work for you!