Amara View: A new kind of full face mask from Respironics

by Americare Respiratory Services

The newest innovation for full face mask wearers is the Respironics Amara View.  Full face masks deliver air to the mouth and nose.  The Amara View CPAP mask is designed to fit under the nose, so that it doesn’t block your field of vision while wearing it.  If you wear glasses want to read a book or watch TV while you fall asleep with your CPAP mask on, the Amara View mask is the right choice. 

Having the mask fit under the nose also prevents red marks across the bridge of your nose. 

Respironics’ full face masks are always designed with comfort and function in mind.  The Amara View is no exception.  It’s small, lightweight design and cushion fit makes it ideal for men and women.  If your doctor says you need to wear a full face mask to get the most of your sleep apnea treatment, ask if the Amara View might be right for you. 

If you are interested in more information or would like to purchase the Amara View CPAP mask, please call Americare Respiratory Services today!  We’ll let you know how to get it.