Too many cat naps or addicted to sleep?

Too many cat naps or addicted to sleep?

by Americare Respiratory Services

A common complaint that comes with having a sleep disorder is poor sleep quality.  You feel tired when you wake up, even after sleeping the recommended 7-9 hours.  You may feel like taking a nap several times a day.  You may never feel like you are fully rested. 

The thing about sleep disorders is that you probably can’t figure it out on your own.  Sleep monitoring apps, sleep studies, and sleep specialists have all been created to help.  When you subject yourself to a sleep study at home or in a sleep center, you are connected to monitoring devices that track your movements while you slumber. 

There is one sleep-related concern that has yet to be addressed by sleep studies – sleep addiction.  Doctors to do not currently recognize sleep addiction as a real “medical” problem. 

People who experience so-called sleep addiction might identify with Annalise, who wrote about her love of napping. There is some truth to “power napping”, which can restore your energy after a short 20 to 30-minute nap. She spends more hours sleeping than the average person does, but the only negative impact on her life seems to be recurrent tardiness at work.  Or is it?

The amount of sleep a person needs varies, but 7-9 hours per night is considered “normal.” Some people get adjusted to less or more sleep over time, but inadequate sleep habits increase your risk for disease, including heart disease and diabetes.  Additionally, more time spent sleeping means less time being active, which can harm your overall health, mood, and well-being. 

For someone who feels addicted to sleep, the question that needs to be addressed is why do you feel the need to sleep?  Could you be sleep deprived?  Are you depressed?  Many illnesses cause symptoms of fatigue, so constantly feeling tired is nothing to shrug off.