Will insurance pay for my CPAP equipment?

by Americare Respiratory Services

Your doctor diagnoses you with sleep apnea and says you need to purchase a CPAP machine right away.  On one hand, you are happy to have a solution for your sleep problems. On the other hand, you are concerned about the cost.  CPAP machines and accessories can be expensive, but CPAP therapy can be life-saving for those with sleep apnea. 

Health care costs have risen substantially in recent years.  Not everyone can afford health insurance.  And for those who have insurance, a high deductible can still prevent you from getting the care you need.  Every health plan is different, so it pays to ask questions about what is covered and what isn’t. Americare Respiratory Services recognizes the challenges that come with navigating health plans and costs of sleep apnea treatment.  We are ready to help.

There are two ways you can reach out for help. Submit the online form.  You will provide some basic information including your insurance provider.  This form is reviewed by our staff, and a qualified professional will contact you to get started and answer any questions.  If you prefer to speak with someone right away, you can call Americare Respiratory Services toll-free: 1-866-344-2774.

Americare Respiratory Services is different from other big companies that sell CPAP equipment. Yes, we sell a vast inventory of products, but we also provide personalized service.  Our staff are very knowledgeable about CPAP therapy for sleep apnea, and will help you get the most out of your treatment without breaking your budget.