Snoring is a breathing problem that affects sleep quality

by Americare Respiratory Services

Do you snore?  Many Americans do, but most never seek medical attention for snoring

People who snore have a partially blocked or narrowed airway when lying down.  When the airway is blocked, not only is the obnoxious snoring sound made, but your lungs are not getting enough air.  And, your brain is not getting enough oxygen.  Think about the effect that can have on your entire body. 

Even if you think you are getting enough sleep, snoring can cause you to have poor quality sleep leading to sleep deprivation.  Poor sleep quality can affect your mood, energy level, and overall health.

Snoring should not be taken lightly.  It can be treated relatively easily.  Some people only snore in certain sleep positions. So, the easiest thing is to avoid sleeping on your side if that’s what makes you snore.  Special anti-snoring pillows can also help keep your airway wide open if you like to sleep on your back.  If congestion is the cause of your snoring, try nasal strips at night to keep your sinuses open and your mouth closed.  You can also buy a strap to keep your mouth shut if you are a perpetual mouth breather. 

For more serious cases of snoring, a sleep medicine doctor can write you a prescription for a CPAP machine.  These machines are used to treat sleep apnea, which can be associated with loud, irregular snoring.  A steady stream of pressurized, humidified air is used to keep your airway open all night long.  There are many different varieties of equipment to choose from, and we are proud to carry a wide selection of CPAP and BiPAP Products on our website.