Philips DreamStation: An Award-Winning Design for Sleep Therapy

Philips DreamStation: An Award-Winning Design for Sleep Therapy

by Americare Respiratory Services

The new Philips DreamStation is a special type of positive airway pressure (PAP) machine that will help people who suffer from sleep apnea get the restorative sleep they need.  The DreamStation includes many features that help support your sleep therapy. The device’s sleek design makes sleeping comfortable and its quiet motor won’t disrupt anyone else’s sleep.

Some other key benefits and features include:

  • The EZ-Start and SmartRamp functions help you gradually achieve the prescribed level of pressurized air, starting out slowly and increasing as you get used to the PAP machine will help ease you into the new therapy.
  • The CPAP-Check automatically makes minor pressure adjustments during sleep to meet changing needs.
  • DreamMapper is a self-management system that allows you to take an active role in your0 therapy. It provides tools to set goals, instructional videos, and feedback.
  • In the morning, the DreamStation displays an analysis of the previous night’s sleep, making it easier to monitor and track your progress during therapy.
  • Integrated Bluetooth allows the device to connect to tablets and smartphones.
  • Optional Wi-Fi feature makes it easy for doctors and healthcare providers to get immediate feedback on how you’re doing.
  • The DreamStation is small and light, making traveling with the device easy.
  • The humidifier and water chamber are easy to clean, ensuring your device is sanitary with every use.

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About Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is an involuntary cessation of breathing that occurs during a person’s sleep. People that suffer from sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly while they sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. To diagnose sleep apnea, a patient must go to a sleep laboratory or conduct a home sleep study for a doctor to definitively diagnose sleep apnea and its severity. If left untreated, sleep apnea can cause a host of other issues, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, weight gain and frequent headaches. As with anyone that doesn’t get enough sleep, someone suffering from sleep apnea is more prone to job impairment or poor performance and runs the risk of endangering their life or the life of others in a motor vehicle accident.

Once officially diagnosed, sleep apnea can be treated, therefore reducing the health and safety risks. One of the most common treatments for sleep apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure machine, or CPAP. The CPAP machine is worn at night and delivers mild air pressure to keep the airways open.

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