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Sleep Apnea Blog

Americare Respiratory Services' Official Blog, sharing product information and updates about sleep disorders. rss

Do I need a nasal mask for full face mask?

by Americare Respiratory Services
If you’ve been browsing our selection of CPAP masks, you have noticed the wide variety of styles available. How do you know which one to choose?

Preventing Dry Mouth with a Heated Humidifier

by Americare Respiratory Services
Waking up with a dry mouth or dry throat can be very bothersome. The best solution may be to increase the heat setting on your humidifier.

Resmed “For Her” Machine and Masks

by Americare Respiratory Services
Women may need special equipment for treating sleep disorders. The solution? Sleep machines and masks designed for her by ResMed.

ResMed’s AirFit Line: P10, N10, F10

by Americare Respiratory Services
ResMed’s AirFit line of CPAP masks are lightweight and some of the most comfortable masks on the market today.

New Sleep Machines from ResMed: AirCurve/AirSense

by Valerie (SU)
ResMed’s AirCurve and AirSense provide a sleek design, comfortable breathing experience, and many innovative features you won’t find anywhere else. And Americare Respiratory Services has them.