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Fisher & Paykel is one of the big three manufacturers of CPAP and BiPAP machines and masks. Their most popular mask is the Flexi Fit which comes in a nasal and full face version. Both feature a silicone outer seal with a soft foam insert to increase patient comfort and form a better seal to prevent leaks. The nasal Flexi Fit masks are the 405 Small and Large, 406 Petite and 407 Medium. The full face Flexi Fit masks are the 431 and 432 and they have a unique under chin design to make a better seal. The 431 comes with all 3 sizes of interface cushions to determine which size you need while the 432 is one size only and includes the foam inserts. The Zest Q nasal mask is similar to Flexi Fit but comes with a built in diffuser to decrease the sound of exhalation from the mask. The Zest Q is also available in a Lady version with a pink headgear strap. The Eson is their newest nasal mask with a light weight and flexible mask to frame to prevent breaks and also has the diffuser port the Zest Q has to reduce noise. For a nasal pillow mask they have the Opus 360 with multiple size nose pillows and the one size fits all Pilairo. A specialty mask they make is the Oracle 482 which is an oral mask with a cushion you place in your mouth to deliver PAP therapy. The Oracle comes with nasal plugs to prevent loss of PAP treatment through the nasal passages.

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